Supplying the highest quality true-to-type clones.

Our plants are produced through tissue culture micropropagation, ensuring a clean, consistent crop.

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What we do

Conventional cloning techniques are often used to achieve the large number of plants required for commercial cultivation. This practice exposes growers to pesticides and disease, and desirable traits fade over multiple generations of cloning.

We use a process called “tissue culture micropropagation” to clean and multiply clones in our ISO certified lab. Our plants are free of pesticide and disease and do not suffer degradation of desirable traits.

Our Solution

Our plants are guaranteed clean, sterile, and true-to-type

We start by cleaning and restoring the highest quality varieties in California, ensuring they are free of pests and disease


We deliver the highest quality, true-to-type clones to California’s best growers. All plants are certified clean by a third-party pathogen report

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